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show distinct reactions to changing CO2 conditions. Our modelling approach confirms that in the south Benguela there is a reduction of biological activity when stirring is increased. Another consequence of the biological conveyer belt is the accelerated rate of ocean acidification in the deep ocean due to more rapid transport of CO2 to depth. However, can the oceans continue to alleviate the steady rise in atmospheric CO2 in the future? In the northern area, other factors not taken into account in our simulation are influencing the ecosystem. We estimate that mesoscale processes are responsible for 30 to 50 of the offshore fluxes of biological tracers.

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Reduced calcification of marine plankton in response to increased
Predictability and possible mechanisms of plankton response to reduction
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Abstract: Recent studies, both based on remote sensed data and coupled models, showed a reduction of biological productivity due to vigorous horizontal stirring in upwelling areas. Journal reference: Enhanced biological carbon consumption in a high CO2 ocean. The world oceans are by far the largest sink of anthropogenic CO2 on our planet. Two-dimensional offshore advection and latitudinal difference in Primary Production, also mediated by the flow, seem to be the dominant processes involved. It is essential not only to identify and to understand these mechanisms, but also to quantify their effect on the global climate system, now and in the future. Such changes have been shown to slow down calcification in corals and coralline macroalgae, but the majority of marine calcification occurs in planktonic organisms. The study points to three major areas of concern: increased CO2 uptake by plankton will accelerate the rate of ocean acidification in deeper layers, lead to a decrease in oxygen concentrations in the deeper ocean, and will negatively influence the nutritional quality of plankton. We suggest explanations for these results in the context of studies performed in other eastern boundary upwelling areas. This is important in regulating marine carbon cycling and ocean-atmosphere CO2 exchange. To investigate the biological processes and their potential changes with time, the scientists made use of an unusual experimental set up in the Raunefjord in Norway.

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